The Quorum Project is now at the Musée de la civilisation de Québec!

Visit the permanent exhibition In Other Words, Québec at the Musée de la civilisation in Québec city, to discover the interactive terminals and respond to the survey linked to the Quorum Project.

In Other Words, Québec
Follow this link directly to the Musée de la civilisation’s website for more information on the exhibition.

The Quorum Project was already active from 2020 to 2023

COVID-19 Topic

Project Quorum is a web application from CLESSN at Laval University that allows Quebecers to continuously take the pulse of their society on the issues of the day. Let’s reach Quorum!

COVID-19 Topic

In activity between 2020 and 2023

Before its induction into the Musée de la civilisation, the Quorum Project was a web application from CLESSN at Université Laval which allowed Quebecers to continuously take the pulse of their society on the issues of the day.


Please note that the following content is no longer current. The text is written in the present tense for archival purposes.

As a result, the original Quorum Project platform, as mentioned below, is currently no longer available.


Let’s reach Quorum!

Quorum Project is a multidisciplinary Web application, the result of work between numerous research groups from Laval University and other research institutions in Quebec, as well as partners from civil society and the new technologies sector. The platform allows Quebecers to take the pulse of their society in real time, to understand the mood and perceptions of public decision-makers, the media and general public opinion in relation to the issues of the day .

As a first file, Projet Quorum offers to answer a short questionnaire in order to obtain a personalized profile regarding the management of the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to directly serving public decision-makers and journalists as a democratic tool, the Quorum Project profile becomes an opportunity to compare yourself to those who make decisions that affect everyday life.

Let’s reach Quorum! By creating an account from the drop-down menu, it becomes possible to save your profile and badge, and see them evolve when other questions on issues of public interest are added. There are already more than 16,000 different macaron possibilities! Thanks to your account, your macaron will accumulate layers and personalize itself with each new file. It’s an effective and fun way to make your voice heard.

Quorum Project is an initiative led by the Chair of Leadership in Teaching Digital Social Sciences (CLESSN) at Laval University. The holder of the CLESSN is Professor Yannick Dufresne. CLESSN has devoted considerable efforts during 2020 to obtain the strictest ethical authorizations, as expected of an application that collects individual data. It can thus guarantee its users the highest standards in terms of respect for private life.


Thanks to our many partners who have enabled and continue to enable the democratic goals behind Quorum Project.

Partnerships in the COVID-19 Topic

Technology, Democracy and Public Health

Academic Partnerships


Quorum Project’s Team – COVID-19 Topic


Yannick Dufresne: CLESSN Holder
Data Scientists
Olivier Banville
Alexis Bibeau-Gagnon
Adrien Cloutier
Alexandre Fortier-Chouinard
Nadjim Fréchet
Camille Tremblay-Antoine
Catherine Ouellet
Patrick Poncet
Data Analysts
Justine Béchard
Jérémy Gilbert
Cloé Girard-Poncet
William Poirier
Marc-Antoine Rancourt
Sarah-Jane Vincent
Maria Alexandrov: Collaborator
Samuel Dion-Girardeau: Full-Stack Developer
Christophe Duchesne-Ashworth: Full-Stack Developer

Université Laval

David Dumouchel: Postdoctoral Intern
Marc-André Bodet: Associate Professor
François Gélineau: Full Professor
Mathieu Ouimet: Full Professor

Synposis – Data Analysis

Youri Rivest: Director

lg2 – UX/UI Design

Léna Aufschneider: UX Designer
Marc-André Dandurand: UI Designer
Alice Dawlat: Project Manager (UX/UI Design)

UnicornPowered – Web Development

Hugo Catellier: Project Manager (Web Development)
Stanislas H.B. Sodonon: Full-Stack Developer
Jean-Philippe Lemelin: CTO
Jonathan Martineau: Full-Stack Developer
Alexandre Paradis: Full-Stack Developer
Eric Pinet : CEO
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